Salvador Dalí, the genious Catalonian artist had a passionated life

Figueres is where is located the Theatre Museum of Salvador Dalí, it’s about 2 hours drive from Barcelona, a lot of my guest realy love this genius artist, sometimes excentric other controversial always universal. I recommend you my excursion to Figueres and Girona if you love art of XX century

Salvador Dalí Museum + Girona Excursion

  1. Salvador Dalí was born in Figueres in the county of the Empordà, near to the Pyrenees, and to Catalonian Costa Brava, he used to go on holidays to Cadaqués, the clifts and the sea of the coast by the North East of Catalonia, very wild  and beautiful landscape are very present in Dalí worksCadauqués


  1. He was born a few months after the dead of his brother. His bother was call Salvador too. He thought he was the reincarnation of him


  1. He was expulsed from the San Fernando Art Academy in Madrid, He said no teacher could teach him about Raphael


  1. When he was on his 20’s, in Madrid, he met Buñuel, Garcia Lorca and other Spanish important artists


  1. He felt in love with Gala when he saw her by the beach in Cadaqués. Dalí was 25 and Gala was 10 years older than him.


  1. He was scared of grasshopper and praying mantis since he was a kid


  1. The soft watches are explaining the lightness of the time. He get the idea after a supper where he was eating hot camembertla persistencia de la memòria



  1. His Museum is a Surrealist Object. He created it in the Theatre of Figueres. The building was very damaged during the Spanish Civil WarCadauqués julio 2010 120


  1. He is buried underneath of the stage of his Theatre Museum in Figueres


  1. Gala is buried in the Castle of Púbol in Empordà county