After the Olimpic Games in 1992 Barcelona is becoming an important tourist destination in the circuit of European capitals, we have visitors coming  from all over the world. There are a lot of busines and economic interests from different parts, so we have some companies, some of them from abroad Catalonia, providing all kind of tourist services, and sometimes you can have disapointments.

In order to be a Lisenced Guide in Catalonia you need to pass an exam by the Catalan Goverment about all the aspects of Catalonia, culture, heritage, traditions, foreigner languages… it is not an easy exam, and this acreditation garantees you, as a client, about the quality of the service you are paying for.


My colleagues and me during a trainning course about Barcelona gardens

My colleagues and me during a trainning course about Barcelona gardens

  But, why is so good for you to engage a Local  Official Guide?

  1. Because a Local Lisenced Guide is an expert in the region you want to visit, so he will provide you the best information and experience. During low season we do a lot of trainning related to our profession and we are always awake finding out what is going on.
  2. Because Time, the majority of us we have a limited time we we travel, so te best way to take maximum profit is to have an expert in order to get the best itineraty adapted to the time you can spend and your personal interests.
  3. Because Security, with an expert Lisenced Guide you will be in good hands in order not  to lose time in doing practical and logistical questions, like public transportations,  left-luggage, private adapted trasportation, tickets in advance….
  4. Because you will visit the highlights wihout waiting the line
  5. Because the understanding of what you are visiting is different when you have an expert guide that adapted the explanations to you, we are so use to welcome so many people form all over the world that a good Lisenced Guide has the skills to adapt the quantity, the point of view and context to you.
  6. Because it’s funny, we are outgoing, friendly and easy people, we enjoy what we do, it is very difficult to be in the market if you do not love your job, internet helps us a lot to arrive to you, but also can inform you a lot about us, so you can decide easily, who, from us, the Local Lisenced Guides in Barcelona, can be your best host in Barcelona


Trust always a Local Official Guide