You can travel to Barcelona by different public transportation systems, the cruise ships are becoming one of the most popular ways to arrive to Barcelona, the new  facilities of the Barcelona Port are great, we have capacity for 6 or 7 big ships. In Barcelona we have two ports, the Olimpic Port from 1992, sports port, and the traditional port, from middle ages, in front of the Gothic District.

The traditional port has two very different areas separated by the World Trade Center, by the part of the noth we have a luxury marina and leisure area, by the modern south part we have the business port, the harbours for the cruise ships, goods and containers and other facilities related to the logistics of the port.


guide ready to work at Barcelona port

Guide ready to work at Barcelona port

I use to go often to collect my guests to the port,  it’s easy for me to arrive there when they engage one of my tours proposed on my web with private transportation like:

Barcelona Port WTC

Barcelona Port WTC

So if you travel to Barcelona by cruise ship you can arrive to:

  • The World Trade Center (WTC), it has 3 different terminals, and it is located very near from the city center, only 5 minutes walking from Columbus Memorial Monument
  • Adosado Harbour (Muelle Adosado) about 1 hour walking distance from the city center, but only 10 minutes distance by car, by the Adosado Harbour there are 4 terminals, Terminal A, B, C and D