Two days ago some of my colleagues and me went to a trainning in a very original shop in Barcelona,Cacao Sampaka, a very sweet place for “chocoholic people”. A cocoa products shop by the city expansion near Paseo de Gracia, in the fancy shopping area of Barcelona.

We knew about the cocoa process, different chocolates and qualities of this great nourishment.



Sant Jordi Chocolates, very special present for a very special day in Catalonia the 23rd April



Cocoa beans process by the plantation, the cocoa farmers are always by the tropics because the climate




The cocoa trees and fruits are very delicated and need special conditions. By the cocoa farmers they produce the cocoa beans, normally exported to the chocolate productors all over the world. The “chocolate master” creates the truffles and  the pralines in order to develop different chocolates by using different recipes




By Cacao Sampaka the “chocolate masters” work together for creating great and original chocolates and bars, by the picture some examples, gin tonic, olive oil and spicy chocolates


Thanks a lot Miquel for the explanations!!! Thanks Marta L. for preparing so sweet and funny trainnings !!!