Barcelona Dreamers

This is me and my team. We are going to offer you the best of the experiences. All of us are fully licensed guides. we can guide you inside monuments and museums. We can also skip the lines in most of the venues.


My name is Lidia. I’m a FULLY LICENSED GUIDE in Barcelona and I offer private tours in Barcelona and Catalonia.

DreamingBarcelona is my project to share with you great experiences in Barcelona and Catalonia.

As a real Barcelona native, I’m pleased to offer you my personal approach and knowledge, to give you one of the most memorable experience in Barcelona.

Because of my long experience as a Private Guide with literally all kind of customers, I’ve learnt to conduct tours according the best of both worlds: traditional tour guide and a local expert.

I’m flexible, welcoming and passionate about Barcelona, art lover, with really good communication skills and a unique sense of humor. I’m fully certified guide and entitled to SKIP THE LINES in museums and monuments.

However, please don’t forget: It’s your tour, and my goal is to make you happy!

I love to show my city and country. I am passionate about my job, that’s why I have worked as a full-time tour guide for more than 20 years.


My name is Olga and I am a licensed guide for Barcelona and Catalonia. I love art, architecture, tradition, and history. I have a passion for traveling to discover other cultures, looking for new experiences like to taste local food, and trying to learn some of the different languages of the world.

I love to show my city and country. I am passionate about my job, that’s why I have worked as a full-time tour guide for more than 20 years.


My name is Clara. I love art and architecture as much as history, and I have fun sharing it with other people, and I have a very curious personality. So, showing my city and culture to foreigners has been my job since 2005. It really suits me.

I come from the field of journalism, my other big passion: writing, explaining… it all comes to the same thing. I got my official tour guide license around 2006, so I could combine both passions, as well as my third passion, yoga


My name is David. I’m a Licensed Tour Guide for Barcelona and Catalonia. I have lived in UK and Italy working in the Hospitality Industry, so I know how to make you feel welcome. I love history, art, architecture, food, but what I like the most is sharing this love with others.

I arrived at guiding by accident but since I tried it, I couldn’t stop it and left my career in Hotels as soon as I got my guiding license. Looking forward to meeting you!


My name is Pepus and I’m an affable, very experienced Licensed Tour Guide, born and raised in Barcelona, with more than 25 Years of experience.

I have been teaching at the Tourism University of Barcelona training students to become tour guides for many years.

I’m very passionate about showing my City to visitors with engaging, professional, entertaining and flexible explanations adapting to all parties, ages, backgrounds and preferences.

I could host you in English, German, French or Italian because I have lived in these countries to be fluid speaking their languages.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you and your family in Barcelona very soon.