Barcelona a city with no fear!

6 moths after the terrorist attack

On this day half a year ago there was the terrorist attack in Barcelona. My heart and my prayers are with the victims. During this period of time I get a lot of support from my guests, and I want to thank all of them. I have to say that things have changed in my life and in my regular daily work. I feel different, more conciouns and sensitive as a person and as  a tour guide too.

Why you should come and visit us?

  • Because Barcelona is one of the greatest destinations in Europe, you can check my web and you will find tours about:

Modernism architecture by the modern Barcelona

Antoni Gaudi Architecture

Downtown, Gothic District with 2.000 years of history

A great seafront with refreshing beaches

Great Museums

Barcelona Futbol Club

Jewish Heritage

Amazing religious site like Montserrat or Girona


  • Because Barcelona is a very safe city. The Catalan Police (they are call Mossos d’Esquadra) have been very professional and they have solved and dismantled the terrorist group that operated the attack to  Barcelona in one week.
  • Because the City Council has put architectural barriers in the Ramblas and in other strategic locations like Sagrada Familia access or the Catherdral Avenue…
  • Because the people from Barcelona are supportive, the solidarity between the locals and visitors was very important in order to take care of the victims during the first moments of the Ramblas attack. Taxi drivers were driving for free during the evening of the attack. The hotels were accommodating tourist with no charge.  The locals were going to hospitals to donate blood until the point that there were too much people, and the people was asked to go home.
  • Because the Muslim community in all over Catalonia has done a lot of different demonstrations of love and solidarity with the victims and against the terrorism.
  • Because there is something that connects the whole humanity and gives sense to life, and this is love. Love and fraternity is what remains after the shock and the horror. Love demonstrations everywhere, love between everybody and love doesn’t understand about fear.