Today, 23rd April is Saint George day, Sant Jordi our Saint Patron. We give roses as proof of love and books. It is an extremely popular celebration between us. It is also a diferent day because is a regular working day but people are in a very good mood and enjoying spring time and the party after working.



The origin of the tradition is very ancient, in the 15th century they alreay gave roses on the 23rd April, they also celebrate during this day Sant Jordi, already our Saint Patron. The book appeared at the beginning of 20th century, they wanted to celebrate the literature by giving books as a present, they decided to put together the two traditions because the 23rd April 1616 was the day of the death of Miguel de Cenvantes, in 1995 the Unesco decided to declare the international book day on the 23rd April.

Sant Jordi is the Saint Patron of all Catalonian people, he was a roman militar in Capadocia during the 3rd century, he converted into christianity and he was killed by the Romans during the persecutions of Diocleciano. He became a martir and the tradition and ancient legends say that he helped christians in several battles against arabs during middle ages, that is the reason for being our Saint Patron.


The legend of Sant Jordi is located in Montblanc at the south of Barcelona, and it is about the dragon that kidnaped the princess ant the knight who saved her.