Barcelona Airport: How to arrive from the city to the airport and back?

Barcelona Airport T1

Barcelona Airport T1


Barcelona airport is located 5 kilometres far from city centre. It’s very well connected by highway, train, bus and subway

The airport has two Terminals: T1 and T2. Both of them are very busy. T1 was inaugurated 8 years ago and T2 is from the 1940’s. Please make sure you know which one you have to go. There’s a free shuttle bus service every 5’ between both terminals

If you decide to get to the airport by taxi I recommend you to calculate minimum 30’, but if your decision is get there with any other public transportation please calculate minimum 60’

Taxis in Barcelona are regulated. They have official rate very affordable, you don’t have to negotiate. All taxis should have a taximeter. There’s no Uber operating in Barcelona for the moment. We use to tip taxi drivers with a few cents maximum 1€ for a normal ride, estimated tip for a ride to the airport is around 2€

Subway L9 is arriving to Terminal 1 in Barcelona airport since one year ago

Train line R2 is arriving to Terminal 2 in Barcelona airport

Another option to arrive to Barcelona airport is get the Aerobus from/ to  Catalonia Square

If you have time but not so much money  you cas use regular bus service. The cheapest way to arrive to Barcelona airport from the city is bus number 46. You can use a T10. Rest of public transportations to the airport have special rate


Barcelona Airport

Taxi Stop is by the ground floor in T1