Because it is a great experience in order to know about warm weather areas, so if you are coming from a very cold country you are going to get in contact with a completetly different landscape.

On the top of Montjuich Mountain with lovely views of the city, there is the Barcelona Botanic Garden inaugurated on 1999, after the construction of all the sports facilities for the Olympic Games they decide to develop a new garden with vegetation coming from different areas all over the world with Mediterranean Clime. If you visit this  garden you are going to travel to South Africa, Australia, California, Canary Islands, Chile and Mediterranean.

The architectural project by the studio of Carles Ferrater shows us the different vegetation coming from all over the world in a perfect fractal triangle layout, the concrete paths cannot be seen from outside, are always covered by green. There are different small yards in the garden reproducing different enclosure like the Mediterranean forest, or the Canarian Dessert, Calofornian brush areas…


The drago, a prehistorical palm tree originally from Cary Islands protected and in danger.

Also there is a very interesting exhibition focus on the collection of the Salvador family, different generations of a family studying plants and animals, the begining of our Botanical Garden.

Another highlight is the bonsais collection, very extensive  and only open during weekends


Bonsai collection Barcelona Botanic Garden



bonsai in Barcelona