Woman and Bird is by the Joan Miró Gardens, it has 22 metres altitude and about half metre width.

Joan Miró one of the best artists of the XX century was born in Barcelona at the end of XIX century, he was living in Paris, in USA, also in Japan and last years of his life he came back to Spain, he did public art works all over the world, this is of my favourites Women and Bird near Spain Square in Barcelona

Women and Bird, by Joan Miro

Detail on the top of the esculpture Woman and Bird, by Joan Miro


This esculpture is figurative, we can see a woman with a hat a and a yellow bird on the top of it, women  for Joan Miró are more rooted on the earth, that’s why we have such a strong trunk and a upright vagina. The bright colorful mosaic is typical  from others Joan Miró works, he was a great colorist artist. The esculpture is from 1982 and it was his last work before he died.

In Barcelona we have the Miró Foundation a very important museum for those who love contemporany art and Joan Miró. I can guide you there if you book  Barcelona Great Museums Tours


Women and Bird by Joan Miró

Woman and Bird by Joan Miró